Haining Jiahong Hardware Factory is a company that focuses on product & concept development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of hardware products.  With our ability to offer customer private labels as well as our own brand, we can suit all your requests. 

Our products are segmented in the following  core segments (not limits to )

-- Shelf bracket

-- Corner brace

-- Door and window hardware

-- Sheet metal products

-- OEM products

 We strive to find the cost effective routes without sacrificing quality craftsmanship.

We are used to handling complex orders, large or small. We have extensive experience in management of the production capacity in order to always keep delivery on time.

Reliable hardware at competitive prices, manufactured to your specification, and delivered to meet customer's schedule equates to real value for our customers. We also strive to add further value whenever possible. We work with our customer's unique requirements to develop product improvements, inventory forecasting, special packaging and other services to enhance the customer's purchase.

We are customer-oriented with an aim to produce high quality products. We look forward to working with you and serving your needs.