Quality Mission:

Haining Jiahong's  mission is to deliver the quality products & service  to our customers. In order to fulfill this mission we needs to exercise the discipline and control necessary to produce products of exceptional quality and reliability.

Quality Objectives:

Haining Jiahong is committed to constant improvement in the quality and reliability of our products and service by:

  • Listening to our Customers and adapting to their needs
  • Monitoring our product performance in our manufacturing sites as well as in our customer applications
  • Building our knowledge base through on-going evaluation, application and reliability testing and rapidly deploying this knowledge into product improvements.

Quality System:

Haining Jiahong maintains a documented quality management system . Documented procedures for Haining Jiahong  quality system define the resource management, process control, verification, and continuous improvement activities to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements. The quality system establishes the framework for the design, manufacture, and servicing of Prometal products and the interaction of processes required to realize the desired benefits.